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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How Planning 15 Minutes Each Night Creates a Better Tomorrow


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Routines are powerful forces in our lives. What we do every day is so much more important than the big stuff we try to do every once in a while. What do your routines say about you? What are they creating in your life? You can start today, right now, by creating routines that will foster success and productivity in your life. All it takes is a little forethought.

Nightly Routine

For many Americans, a nightly routine might consist of mindless TV into the night, brushing their teeth, and then browsing their phone in bed for another hour before falling asleep much too late. With just 15 minutes of a more intentional routine, they could completely change their sleep as well as improve their days.

Take a look at your regular nightly routine. Do you wait until you’re too tired to do all the things you know you should do before bed? Do you spend your mornings running around frantically, trying to get out the door on time? A well-designed nightly routine can fix that. There are unlimited steps you can add to your nightly routine, but all you need are a few steps that will be meaningful for you.

Read through our list of nightly tasks that are known to improve sleep, reduce stress, and create more peace for tomorrow. See if any of these might work for you:

5 Minute Tidy

  • Waking up to a cluttered house will instantly start your day on the wrong foot, yet we do it all the time. Take just 5 minutes to do a quick sweep of your house to tidy and remove clutter.

Bedtime Alarm

  • You use an alarm to tell you when to wake up – why not use one to tell you when to go to sleep? Set an alarm to remind you to turn off the Netflix and get into bed.

Prepare Tomorrow

  • How much of your morning routine can be done tonight? Lay out your clothes, pack your lunch or work bag, load up your car, and prep your breakfast.

Peaceful Bedtime

  • Do you collapse into bed unceremoniously? Try adding some peaceful, zen practices to get you in a calmer state of mind to promote restful sleep. Aromatherapy, a bath, using your favorite lotion, stretching, prayer, meditation, a gratitude practice, or even just deep breathing can make a difference.

Prioritize Tomorrow

  • Look at your schedule and to-do list for the following day and re-prioritize. Delete any items that don’t absolutely have to happen, and set alarms or reminders to ensure your greatest productivity.


  • Reading helps your mind relax and unwind from all the stresses and questions of your daily life. Just a few minutes at the end of each day can help clear your head and prepare you for better sleep and a more productive day tomorrow.

Choose one of these tasks to incorporate into your nightly routine tonight and see what benefits it brings you. With just 15 minutes of planning each evening, you’ll be sure to have a more successful tomorrow.


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